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The difference between energy-saving motor and ordinary moto

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In a society where energy is scarce, high-efficiency and energy-saving motors are widely used, so what is the difference between high-efficiency and energy-saving motors and ordinary motors?
(1) The output power of ordinary motors is less than that of energy-saving motors. The output power of ordinary motors is only 50% of the input power, while energy-saving motors can reach more than 90%.
(2) Power supply problem-Ordinary motors will use electricity as long as the power is turned on, and energy-saving motors, turn on the power, do not step on the feet without electricity. Energy-efficient motors not only save energy, but also save you financial resources.
 The performance characteristics of high-efficiency motors are as follows:
 1. Fully based on domestic raw materials.
 2. Adopt low uncertainty test method and calibrate efficiency with actual measurement results.
 3. Compared with ordinary Y series motors: loss is reduced by 15%-25%, and efficiency is increased by 2.5%-4%.
 4. Adopt an improved ventilation system and use a high-efficiency and energy-saving fan to rationally design the air gap and magnetic density distribution of the energy-saving motor, so that the motor efficiency index reaches the level 2 energy efficiency standard in GB18613-2012.
Wanbang energy-saving motors have outstanding characteristics:
1. Efficient and energy-saving, reduce operating costs, and allow customers to recover investment costs in the short term.
 2. High reliability, stable operation of supporting equipment, low failure rate, and reduced maintenance cost.
3. Using imported high-grade bearings, superb manufacturing technology, one-time use, benefit for many years.
 4. It can be matched with various accessories, and the installation method is suitable for various occasions.
5. The product standard we adopt is very cutting-edge, with sufficient margin for insulation and insulation, the structural design takes into account and satisfies different customers.


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