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Xu District Chief visited the company for investigation

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On June 9th, the head of the Xu District Head of the Lower Mainland District and his party made a special trip to our company for research and guidance work, and listened to the voice of the enterprise.
The company's chairman Zhang Jun and vice president of operations Wu Xiaodong attended the seminar.
At the meeting, the company's chairman Zhang Jun reported to the leaders on the new year's work plan and the challenges facing the company, and put forward several requirements and suggestions for the company's development. He said that in the new year, the company will further consolidate the provincial market, expand the western market, and develop the southern China market. Further promote the development strategy of Wanbang brand, and actively promote the production of new energy-saving permanent magnet motors. He also pointed out that the current enterprises are also facing severe challenges: the distress of the identity of private enterprises and the pressure of fund raising limit the development of enterprises.
He suggested asking the district government to give Huangshi local motor companies the opportunity to participate in competition and priority development under the same conditions, and provide legal support and assistance as always in raising funds.
Mayor Xu gave a clear answer and position on the suggestions and requirements put forward by Wanbang Electric.
At the same time, the district committee and the district government will vigorously support the development of Wanbang Motor, and under the conditions of equal competition, give priority to the development of local enterprises in Huangshi.
In the end, he hoped Wanbang Electric will continue to participate in and support the development of Huangshi and work together for a better future for Huangshi.
Xu District Chief visited the company for investigation


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