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Features of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

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What are the characteristics of the permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system
1. Energy saving
 1High efficiency and power factor.
The permanent magnet synchronous motor air gap magnetic field is no longer established by the stator current, but is formed by high-efficiency permanent magnets. The high power factor improves the quality factor of the power grid.
No longer install reactive power compensator.
Permanent magnet motors maintain high efficiency over a wide speed range and load range. It maintains high efficiency and power factor under low speed and light load conditions, and its energy saving effect is more significant during light load operation. Permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor can maintain high efficiency and power factor within 150 rated loads.
The characteristic that the efficiency of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is not obvious to the load change is only suitable for the periodic load change during the rotation of the tank, which is also one of the basic energy-saving points. It can be seen that under different load rates, the efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous motors is higher than that of asynchronous motors. When the load factor is low, the efficiency difference becomes larger.
It can be seen that under the rated load, the efficiency of the 15Kw/4 pole permanent magnet synchronous motor is about 5 times that of the asynchronous motor, while at a load rate of 0.2, the efficiency is about 9.
Compared with electric excitation synchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor saves excitation power and improves efficiency.
 2 The permanent magnet synchronous motor directly drives the load device, eliminating the deceleration permanent magnet synchronous motor can achieve low speed and large torque, and can eliminate the deceleration mechanism, thereby greatly improving the system efficiency, and the average system efficiency is higher than the existing indirect drive mode 10 -20.
 2. The starting current is small, the starting torque is large, and the starting process is stable and adjustable.
The permanent magnet synchronous motor is driven by a frequency converter. The starting torque is large, generally up to 2-4 times the rated torque, the starting current is small, and the impact on the power distribution of the factory at the time of starting is small, thereby reducing the requirements for power distribution.
The starting process of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is stable and adjustable, avoiding the impact of the starting on the equipment, extending the service life of the equipment, and saving the maintenance cost of the equipment.
At the same time, it effectively avoids the loss of profits caused by long-term downtime and production outages of the equipment, and effectively avoids transportation costs, lifting costs, construction safety and other comprehensive factors, ensuring personal safety and corporate losses, and saving valuables for the enterprise Production time.
Hubei permanent magnet synchronous motor manufacturers pictures
 3. The running speed is adjustable and has intelligent functions.
Using the speed regulation characteristics of the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the storage function of the controller, through adjustment and verification, the speed and operation can solidify the abrasive time and store it on the display screen of the control cabinet to form the best process in actual production. Improve the operating efficiency of the ball mill and increase the output, while achieving the effect of energy saving.
Realize precise operation of equipment, achieve high quality and high output with low power consumption and low ball consumption.
Device intelligence is the future development trend. Due to the intelligence of the equipment, it reduces the number of operators and labor costs, while improving production efficiency.
 4. The structure is simple, the volume is small, the maintenance cost is low, and it is green and environmentally friendly.
Permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor has simple structure
Single, reliable operation, easy installation, low maintenance cost, low system noise, green environmental protection and other advantages.
 5. higher cost.
The higher cost is the disadvantage of the permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system. Because the permanent magnet synchronous motor uses high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials and uses an intelligent frequency conversion control system at the same time, the price is higher than the asynchronous motor reducer drive system 20-40. With the improvement of the production and processing technology of NdFeB materials and the development of power electronic power device technology, the price of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems will gradually decline. You can usually use the saved electricity costs to recover the increased costs within 6-24 months.


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