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Internet creates a new direction for motor development

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The Internet era has completely affected the daily lives of the masses. The new generation of mobile networking has also officially opened the prelude to operation. The groping that is necessary in the path of innovation and reform is irreplaceable, and the country’s strong support for mobile Internet is undoubtedly Brought courage and encouragement to this new group of Nuggets, but also accelerated the speed of economic transformation. It can be said that the era of mobile Internet escorting traditional industries has already begun, and many traditional industries have begun to operate in order to seize the opportunity. In the ever-changing business and Internet industry, waiting is undoubtedly a good opportunity to miss development, and this is no exception for the electromechanical manufacturing industry.
China is a major country in electromechanical manufacturing. According to statistics, at the end of 2013, the goal of importing and exporting more than US$400 billion was completed in the first quarter of the whole year, which was 5.5 compared with the same period of the previous year. The growth rate of more than %, and this figure accounts for more than 49% of the total trade value of all commodities, which shows the rapid and important degree of industry development. In recent years, with the successful operation of the "Electromechanical Manufacturing" network, its operation mode that drives online and offline development has stirred up thousands of waves in the electromechanical manufacturing industry, which has caused heated discussions among many experts and opened People Li Zeqin praised it well. Obviously, the reason why Li Zeqin can accurately grasp the lifeline of the market and integrate the development trend of the mobile Internet to help the development of the traditional electromechanical manufacturing industry is undoubtedly because he has worked in this industry for many years and has very mature ideas and ideas on the direction of the industry. Compared with the idealists who don’t want to do, Li Zeqin is a very pragmatic activist. He believes: "The development of the times, all walks of life are popular, and the development and expansion of these projects are inseparable from the support of power on, so electromechanical The manufacturing industry will inevitably set off a large-scale competitive revolution. Nowadays, the fast and comprehensive media is nothing more than the mobile Internet, and those who have the Internet first have the world."
Li Zeqin's achievements in the electromechanical manufacturing industry have achieved a more solid and stable effect under the protection of the mobile Internet, and a series of mature APP application clients and WeChat work platforms have contributed a lot to the normal operation of the offline The power has achieved a steady increase in online sales, which is approaching the trend of offline traditional marketing.
Nowadays, many petrochemical-related triple play applications have been recognized and used by a large number of audiences. The online development path of the electromechanical manufacturing industry will inevitably go wider and wider and achieve substantial horizontal development. Regarding the future, Li Zeqin is very optimistic. He believes that the low-cost and high-quality operation model of the mobile Internet will continue to be effective in offline marketing, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.


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