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The special motor for air compressor is independently developed and designed by our company according to the energy efficiency level of the new standard IEC60034-30, and in accordance with the second part of the IEC60034-2 Rotating Electric Machine "Testing and Measuring Method for Loss and Efficiency of Rotating Electric Machines". This series of products has high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The new products focus on our company's decades of advanced technology and production experience in the production of motors. New technologies, new processes and new materials are used to make the motor's efficiency index fully reach the IE2 index level. The product is novel in design, beautiful in appearance, low in noise, high in efficiency, compact in structure, convenient in use and maintenance, etc. The motor adopts Class F insulation, and the entire series of temperature rises are evaluated according to Class B, thus greatly improving safety and reliability. The installation size of the motor complies with the requirements of the IEC standard, and the enclosure protection grade is IP55.
        YE2 series motors can be widely used in various types of mechanical transmission equipment such as machine tools, fans, water pumps, compressors, packaging machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery and so on.

The special motor for air compressor is the energy efficiency grade of our company according to the new standard of IEC60034-30, with high product efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection
Power: 11KW
Rated current: 22.4A
Rated speed: 1470r/min
Efficiency: 89.8%
Power factor: 0.83cosφ
Center height of base: H160mm
Power supply voltage: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized according to user)
Cooling method: IC411 Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃