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/////Description of special motor for oil pump //////
       The three-phase asynchronous motor for oil pump is a motor for oil pump equipment developed by our company's moderator. This series of products has high starting torque and reduces the noise of the motor; the front end is specially designed to facilitate the installation of the oil pump by the customer; the fan with a small diameter and wide blade reduces the wind mill wear and fan noise of the fan.
       This series of products adopts IC411 cooling mode, and the installation size and power level comply with IEC standards. In addition, this motor can be customized according to the different requirements of customers for the outer dimensions of the oil pump cover.
/////Application of dedicated motor for oil pump //////
       Three-phase asynchronous motors for oil pumps are widely used in hydraulic transmission machinery such as machine tools, forging, lifting, ships, oil pumps, metallurgy, engineering machinery, mining machinery and so on. It is also suitable for the motor matching of CY-Y oil pump unit, gear pump blades and other types of plunger pump units.
/////Advantages of motors for oil pumps //////
       The three-phase asynchronous motor for oil pump has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, small vibration, high efficiency and long life.
/////Installation of special motor for oil pump //////
       The shape and installation dimensions of the oil pump motor are basically the same as the response specifications of the Y series motor, but the end cover of the shaft extension end of the YYB series motor is slightly different from the Y series.
Oil pump motor