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///////////////Product advantages of self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motors ////////////////
1) Good starting performance Used for starting performance comparable to asynchronous motors, with large starting torque and small starting current;
2) Strong pull-in synchronization capability With a large pull-in torque, the motor can be easily pulled into the synchronous speed;
3) Good working performance High efficiency and energy-saving effect is remarkable, which is deeply recognized by customers; high power factor, almost no reactive loss.
The application scope of the self-starting permanent magnet motor: a fixed speed load can directly replace the traditional three-phase asynchronous motor. Especially under the conditions of large load changes, the advantages of energy saving are more obvious.
/////////////// Product Description of Self-starting Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor /////////////////
       Self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motor is a high-efficiency energy-saving motor independently developed and designed by Hubei Wanbang Motor Co., Ltd. according to energy-saving and emission-reduction policies and market demand. The motor uses a permanent magnet material to generate a magnetic field without excitation current, which is not only high in efficiency, but also simple in structure and reliable in operation. It can also achieve a small size and light weight, which can achieve high performance unmatched by traditional electric excitation motors. Become a special motor that can meet specific operating requirements.
       These structures make the motor have the advantages of small size, low inertia, high rigidity, rate, low noise, fast response, smooth operation, accurate control, and strong overload capacity.
It can save considerable electric energy in the load of continuous fixed operation; in continuous periodic load, the power saving effect is particularly significant, which is about 30% less than that of the traditional motor (depending on the specific working conditions), which can achieve energy saving and emission reduction Purpose, create benefits for the enterprise.
       The self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motor can meet the wide needs of motion control in the automation industry, and is particularly suitable for direct drive applications. Motor torque range: 55~220N.m, rated speed is 1500~2000rpm (see technical parameter table for details). Welcome to choose, if you have special requirements, please negotiate orders.
///////////////Use conditions of self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motor ////////////////
1. Operating environment: general place without flammable, explosive or corrosive gas and machinery without independent requirements
2. Ambient temperature: changes with the seasons, but not exceeding 40℃
3. Altitude: no more than 1000m
4. Installation structure: IMB35, IMB5
5. Protection level: IP54
6. Surface paint: black
Note: If you have special requirements for the use environment, installation structure, protection level, color, etc. of the motor, please make it when ordering.
Self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motors can be widely used in various machinery, fans, water pumps, textiles, chemicals, petroleum, power, compressors, injection molding machines, shredders and other industries

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