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/////Permanent magnet industrial fan function //////
       1. Air flow: a large area of ​​breeze blows to achieve a natural three-dimensional air flow;
       2. Suitable for all seasons: strengthen the environment ventilation, cool in spring and autumn, and comfortable in summer and winter;
   3. Refrigeration effect: when used in combination with a chiller, it can achieve the cooling effect of fresh air similar to the central air conditioner or even better;
       4. Ventilation and dust removal: ventilation and ventilation, combined with ventilation equipment, can achieve environmental smoke and dust removal;
   5. Winter effect: When heating in winter, it can rotate at a low speed to effectively use the stratified heat flow air for waste heat utilization; 6. Adjust the air humidity: keep the room dry.
Permanent magnet industrial fan

● Eliminate gea rbox

● Red● uce drive SKU#'s

● Reduce drive system cost 

● Increase torque / speed range

● Decrease size/weight by over 50% 

● Significant increase in efficiency 

● Increased reliability 

● Reduce noise 

● Fewer moving parts

/////Effect of permanent magnet industrial fan //////
   1. Wide coverage: large diameter (7.3 meters), low rotation speed, orderly flow of air in a wide range, the effective approximate coverage area of ​​each fan exceeds 1000 square meters;
2. Multi-angle air circulation: the airflow is tapered from the top to the ground and flows horizontally to the ground. When it encounters the horizontal airflow blocked by the side or adjacent to the fan, it is pushed up to the roof, thereby enhancing the air circulation and circulation at multiple angles ;
   3. Exchange with outdoor fresh air: Flowing air can be quickly exchanged with outdoor fresh air through doors, windows or roof fans, reducing the retention of indoor turbid gases;
   4. Comfortable cooling of the human body: continuous gentle breeze can accelerate the evaporation rate of sweat on the surface of the human body to produce a cool cooling effect, making the human body feel the temperature difference effect of 4-6 degrees Celsius;
   5. The installation does not affect the work: the industrial ceiling fan is installed in the upper space above 5.5 meters from the ground, and is fixed on the roof structure beam by clips, which will not affect the normal working process of any ground working area, and is safe and reliable.

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